We respect the privacy of our users and want them to feel safe while using our website. Below we are presenting a fragment of our Privacy Policy regarding cookie files.

  1. As you enter our website, your computer’s disc may save the so-called cookies, that is small text files sent by our server, to which our website refers to.
  2. Cookies and similar technologies are used on online websites, first of all for the users’ convenience, among others, to adjust as best as possible the contents and functions of the website to their needs and expectations, and for statistical purposes.
  3. Cookie files are used to create statistics which help adjust the contents of websites to the expectations of users, to save the preferred settings of the website, e.g. the font size selected, they support forms and help users perform several stages of actions (e.g. adding an article, making a purchase in an online store). Cookies are also used to adjust the advertisements displayed to the interests of the persons visiting websites.
  4. Apart from cookies sent from our server via our websites, cookies can also be sent from servers of related websites, e.g. YouTube, or social media services.
  5. The information saved on your computer and sent from our server is not gathered or processed in any way.
  6. Every user may change the cookies settings in the browser used, which includes switching off of the possibility of saving cookies entirely. If you do not switch off the possibility of saving cookies from our websites, this implies your consent for saving and storing cookies on the computer.
  7. If you decide to reject all cookies, you will not be able to use some of the functionalities, contents and services provided by our website, in particular those that require logging in. However, switching off cookies does not prevent you from viewing the website.

How to switch off cookies?

Every Internet user can adjust the level of protection against cookies to their preferences, which includes blocking the possibility of saving cookie files. This increases the level of safety and data protection, but can also prevent you from using some functions, e.g. logging in to the website.

Information on cookies settings in individual browsers is available at the following addresses:

If you are using a different website browser, including browsers for mobile devices (telephone, smartphone, tablet), read the privacy protection options in the documentation available at the software manufacturer's website.