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"Shaping the EU's future is a common task and responsibility"

President Lambertz calls on President-elect von der Leyen to shape the EU's future with cities and regions.


The President of the European Committee of the Regions, Karl-Heinz Lambertz, said on the occasion of the election of Ursula von der Leyen by the European Parliament as the President of the European Commission:

"I would like to congratulate Ursula von der Leyen on her election. The European Committee of the Regions looks forward to welcoming her to present her agenda for Europe to the EU's assembly of locally and regionally elected representatives."

"A new way of working is needed to increase the EU's legitimacy, ownership and proximity. The incoming Commission should fully support a greater participation of all levels of government at each phase of the EU decision-making process. I value the President-elect's statement that 'Our Union's democratic system is unique, bringing together directly elected parliamentarians at local, regional, national and European levels with elected Heads of State or Government'. I count on her to build a new coordinated action from European, national, regional and local levels that allows the EU to deliver social and economic progress and to bridge the gap with its citizens."

"To fight against the climate crisis and social inequalities and ensure a just transition for all, regions and cities are the key actors in turning promises into reality. Therefore, the European Committee of the Regions supports a strong cohesion policy for all regions. Only through a multi-level cooperation and enhanced public investment capacities we will we be able to deliver a fair and sustainable Union."

"The increased turn-out of the 2019 European elections confirmed that Europe matters to citizens, in particular to the young generation. It is time to make use of this momentum to engage with Europeans in a more systematic way outside election campaigns, including through a common permanent citizens' dialogue involving local and regional authorities."

"Shaping EU's future is a common task and responsibility. The European Committee of the Regions and the cities and regions of the EU stand ready to be part of the 'Conference on the Future of Europe'."

In view of the political challenges and priorities ahead, the European Committee of the Regions has put already forward its expectations and proposals for the period 2019-2024 in a blueprint and a resolution adopted on 26 June 2019. They argue that for the EU to regain citizens' trust and address major current challenges, EU decisions and policies must be shaped together and anchored locally.

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