27th Open Day of the European institutions

On Saturday 4 May 2019, the European institutions will open their doors to the public in a festive, family atmosphere. Throughout the day, citizens can stroll through the EU's emblematic buildings and discover how the institutions work in practice. The hemicycle of the European Parliament, the meeting room of the European Commission, the Europa building and meeting places of Heads of State and Government are just some of the spaces open to visitors.


This year, the day will be themed around the European elections to highlight the importance of the democratic process in the European Union. Through its programme of activities, workshops, meetings and games, the event will invite citizens to make their voices heard.

Choosing the future

The election of a new European Parliament, the only directly elected institution of the European Union, concerns 500 millions Europeans. The challenges it faces are significant: managing migration flows, security, protection of the environment and employment are among the most important…At the European elections 23-26 May, Europeans will have a chance to choose their future, not only for themselves but also for those who will inherit their decisions.  A decisive act that will shape the future of the continent and its role in the world for years to come.  Full information about the European elections can be found on http://www.europarl.europa.eu/at-your-service/en/be-heard/elections and on the awareness raising website www.thistimeimvoting.eu.

Europe Day partners with Brussels-Capital Region festivities

Europe Day will be organized in partnership with the Iris Festival, which celebrates the anniversary of the Brussels-Capital Region. From 1–5 May, marking 30 years of the Brussels Region and 150 years of the Brussels tram, the Belgian capital is putting on a huge number of original activities for visitors at various locations across the region. From the European Tram Driver Championship to the unmissable Electro Night, including a spectacular fireworks display, there will be a host of free activities celebrating both of these anniversaries. An event not to be missed.

Every year the Iris Festival celebrates the Brussels-Capital Region. It is worth noting that on 16 May 1991 the iris was adopted by the Brussels Parliament as the symbol of the Brussels Region.

Next 1 May, Brussels will be launching a week of festivities.  Only 30 years ago, the BrusselsCapital Region was created and 150 years ago the first tram appeared on the streets. Numerous activities have been programmed to highlight these two events. The Belgian capital will also be on exhibition with the European Tram Driver Championship organised by the Brussels Public Transport System (STIB).

More information

Free Open Day bus

During the event, free vintage buses will circulate in the European quarter between the participating institutions and bodies. This year is the first time that the route connects to the Park and the ongoing European Tram Drivers Championship.


With the Open Day, the institutions remember and celebrate French foreign minister and founding father of the EU Robert Schuman's declaration of 9 May 1950. In this declaration, he proposed that France and Germany share their natural resources in a bid to make conflict between the countries 'not merely unthinkable, but materially impossible'. Other European nations joined the endeavour, which made European cooperation a reality.

This year is the 27th edition of the Open Day in Brussels. Taking part: the European Parliament, the European Council and Council of the EU, the European Commission, the European External Action Service, the European Economic and Social Committee, the European Committee of the Regions and the House of European History.

For more information you can visit europeday.europa.eu.

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