The Future of the Eastern Partnership: Going Local

The 7th CORLEAP Annual Meeting on 12 September 2017 discussed about the future of the Eastern Partnership from the perspective of local and regional authorities (LRAs), their role in strengthening resilience and their contribution towards the 20 deliverables for 2020.


The CORLEAP report on the role of LRAs in the field of energy efficiency, presented by the rapporteur Emin Yeritsyan, President of the Union of Communities of Armenia, was adopted. The recommendations therein, together with the recommendations of tEmin Yeritsyan, President of the Association of Armenian Communities CORLEAP report on "Developing civic participation as a way of strengthening local democracy in EaP countries" will form part of CORLEAP's message to the fifth EaP Summit.
A new logo of CORLEAP was launched, adapted to the visual identity of the Eastern Partnership.

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