Reflecting on Europe: European Committee of the Regions opens its doors to citizens

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Ahead of the 9th of May - Europe Day, the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) will hear citizens' views on the past and present of Europe, as well as their hopes for the future during its annual celebration of EU local and regional diversity. The EU's Assembly of Local and Regional representatives will host a variety of activities and events, including a "Festival of Regions and Cities" in its premises (6 May) and a series of citizens' dialogues organised at local level in a number of Member States.

"Europe Day, held on 9 May every year, celebrates the most valuable achievement of the EU: peace throughout our continent. The brand new House of European History will serve as a permanent reminder of our shared history, right on our doorstep. I am proud of what the EU has done and how it has enabled our EU regions and cities to work together and learn from each other, but it would be reckless to limit ourselves to celebrations. The time has come for better listening, for being brutally honest with each other and being open to change. This is why our Committee has launched a bottom-up initiative called "Reflecting on Europe". We want to give people a local space, where trust is still highest, to share ideas, concerns and proposals for the EU so that together, we can build a Europe for and with the people", said CoR President Markku Markkula.

6 May – EU Open Doors

On Saturday 6 May 2017, the European institutions will open their doors to celebrate the anniversary of the historical 'Schuman declaration', which proposed the European Coal and Steel Community ( Europe Day ). On this occasion, the CoR will celebrate Europe's diversity with a "Festival of Regions and Cities".

The excellence of EU regions and cities will be at the core of the 2017 edition with numerous stands offering innovative activities, including a "Proud of my region/city” festival showcasing typical regional products from across Europe,to interact with visitors and show both the variety of regions and cities and their specificities.

The public will be invited to discover the CoR and its political groups and to learn about its role and activities (5th floor: presentation of the CoR and information stands). Visitors will also have the opportunity to share their concerns, thoughts and ideas about the future of the EU, by participating in the CoR “Reflecting on Europe” survey: you:

Visitors are also invited take part in a lively debate with representatives of grassroots movements in a Citizens' Dialogue on "Listening (to) Europe: Experiences and prospects of local citizens’ movements "

Two short debates are planned for 12:00 to 12.40 and 12.45 - 13:30 in room JDE 52 (5th floor). Questions and comments can also be submitted via social media using the hashtag #eulocal.

8-9 May – Local events/citizens dialogues

In the framework of its " Reflecting on Europe " campaign and in parallel with Europe's Day, CoR members will co-organise a series of local events/citizens’ dialogues across Europe on 8-9 May.

  • 8 May: Citizens dialogue on "The Future of Europe", Santiago de Compostela, Spain (organiser: Xunta de Galicia)

  • 9 May: Citizens' dialogue on "Europe - Opportunities for young people", Breitenwang, Austria (organiser: Community of Breitenwang)

  • 9 May: Citizens' dialogue on "Erasmus: building together the future of the EU", Pamplona, Spain (organiser: Government of Navarra)

  • 9 May: Citizens' dialogue " Ripensare l'Europa/ Rethink Europe", Vittorio Veneto, Italy (organiser: Municipality of Pieve di Soligo)

  • 9 May: Citizens' dialogue on "The Young in the Future of Europe", Santander, Spain (organiser: Region of Cantabria)

  • 9 May: Citizens' dialogue on "Bürgerdialog zur Zukunft Europas", Innsbruck, Austria (organiser: Land Tirol)

For more information about these local events: #eulocal

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