Goals of the UVRP

The main goals of the UVRP’s activity can be achieved by:

  • representing the interests of the voivodeships on international forums,
  • undertaking initiatives to decentralise entitlements (including finances) – in accordance with the subsidiarity principle.
  • initiating and giving an opinion on projects of the legislative bodies, concerning local government,
  • promoting exchange of experiences in terms of the voivodeship’s and central government’s tasks,
  • initiating and undertaking common projects affecting the development of communities of the voivodeships,
  • initiating and undertaking common projects affecting the social-economic development of the voivodeships, establishing international contacts on the regional level, establishing cultural and educational exchange,
  • performing work connected with information, consultancy and creating programmes  aimed at jointly solving problems referring to different areas of activity of local governments,
  • performing work connected with publishing, training and promotional activities involving the UVRP’s work and its members.